YAK - hair and fur
system for Unity

Yak is a set of compute and geometry shaders, for fast rendering and editing hairs. Hairs are made by real geometry (generated by geometry shader or compute shader) and are dynamical, with adjustable stiffness and gravity (per hair set) and wind support. Yak have fast and easy grooming editor, with options for painting colors (separately for hair base, middle and tip), loading color texture, hair cut or increase length, bending hairs by different ways, clumping, twisting, etc. Yak have own layer system, with layers of 3 types: for short fur, medium hairs and long hairs. Supports HDRP (using geometry shaders, works on DirectX 11 and higher), Universal Render Pipeline and Standard Render Pipeline (geometry is created by compute shaders, works on PC, iOS and Android)

Grooming editor inside Unity

Grooming hairs in edit mode of Unity starts from creating a new hair layer. There are 3 types of hair layers in Yak: short, medium and long hairs. Number of layers is not restricted.
To edit hairs lengths and directions, bend and curl, there are 7 brushes:
Grow/Cut - Increases or decreases (hold SHIFT) length of hairs. Length is set as percent of Maximal Hair Length of current layer. So if you want to change lengths of all hairs in layer, go to Layer properties – maximal length.
Drier – Works as hair drier, bending all hairs inside brush radius. To set bend direction, hold CTRL button. Hold shift to straighten hairs.
Hand – you can drag and bend hairs with your mouse. More suitable for long hairs.
Clump point – bend all hairs inside brush radius to the center of brush.
Clump multy – bend all hairs inside brush radius to the centers of clusters.
Curl – curl all hairs inside brush radius.
Add/Remove – Delete (hold SHIFT) or add hairs to the layer.

Runtime hair editor

Yak package contains example of editing hairs in runtime. Included options are: hair asset selection, hair grow, hair cut, bend hairs, straighten hairs, clump hairs, move hairs and paint color.


Download hair editing demo for PC.

Download hair editing demo for Android.

Available in the Unity AssetStore

Unity AssetStore link.


Questions and/or feature request you can send me to email: anfin3d@gmail.com or in a unity forum thread.





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